Sharing the Brew

Coffee cup with steamLong before Share the Brew was even an idea, I loved the experience of sharing a great cup of coffee with friends. I’m not just talking about meeting up for a cup of coffee somewhere, but experiencing the coffee itself with other people. In order to do this you need a coffee worth sharing.

For me it started with a few exquisite and now mythical Ethiopian coffees, Peet’s Ethiopia Supernatural from early 2008, and Santa Cruz Roasting Company’s Ethiopia Amaro Gayo from 2009. These coffees were so unique that they could not be consumed alone. They demanded that there be someone close by for you to say, “Wow! Are you tasting blueberries, too?” or “What’s that floral note? I think it might be Jasmine. What do you think?” A good friend and co-worker discovered these coffees and shared them with me in the office. It started us on a journey for excellent coffee, which led to home roasting to Exegete Coffee, and now to here, Share the Brew.

But let me back up one step. After I began home roasting, I started talking about coffee all the time with the hope of getting to share a cup with someone. Quite a few of my friends thought I was a little too into this coffee thing, but some were willing to join me in the experience. They have now become some of my greatest supporters, which gave us (my wife, Autumn, and I) the courage to step out and share the brew with a wider audience.

With Exegete Coffee we got the chance to share the brew with an ever growing circle of friends through our craft roasted specialty coffee. Share the Brew now gives you the chance to share the brew with those in your circle. So, if you are ready to begin a new adventure in experiencing coffee, bookmark this blog to discover coffees, brewing methods, and other coffee related info. We want to equip you to start your own journey of Sharing the Brew.